I have been disheartened lately. I have been shooting more and more 4x5 but this damned FR tank has been giving me poor and more poor results, sometimes even complete failure. At least in the past I could get something out of it.
Now, when I search for a replacement tank, or something I might use it seems everything has been discontinued? I'm no stranger to internet sites (auction or other), but the more I look the more frustrated I become.

I want to continue to shoot 4x5, but I don't want to have to send it off because development options are no longer available. I have rare use of a darkroom, so a daylight safe option would be best. I can load in complete darkness at home, no problem.

At this point I am considering waiting until 10pm, throwing a brown safe light in my desklamp and tray developing on my bedroom dresser! At least then I KNOW I'll get something, anything! I've never tray developed sheet film but I've been reading more and more about it. Perhaps it is the way to go.