Received the enlarger and I may have been sold junk!

The red protective swivel filter was broken off (I may be able to glue it). He included a thermometer which was smashed too as was another one from the first batch of darkroom purchases.

The 'Paterson System 1000' timer doesn't appear to time anything and it only switches on the enlarger.

The 'Paterson PCS enlarger' does switch on although it appears very dim (There is a flourescent bulb in it).

The enlarger came with a Rodenstock Trinar 50mm 1:3.5 lens, although it is dirty inside (fogged under the front element). It doesn't look like it comes apart so I can clean it like I have done with camera lenses.

The enlarger has a filter tray but I have no filters (I don't even know what these are for! Paper grades?)

The seller did 'throw in' (bloody literally judging by the smashes) some measuring cylinders, collapsible containers and some used STOP (is yellow but says it is OK until it turns purple) and FIXER ( this is clear and smells vinegary so should be OK despite 2008 expiry)

I also have a Paterson Micro Focus finder, I have no idea how to use it.

One other thing, can I use Ilfosol 3 developer as paper developer? I bought a new one of these.

Great fun!