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How about "can we have E6 back?" Unlike Kodachrome that might, just, be a not-totally-unreasonable hope. The higher saturation/contrast niche is filled well enough by Fuji still but I'd give - well I'd buy a lot of it anyway - to have E100G and Ektachrome 400 back. The latter wasn't as good as Provia 400X but with that going away, I'd take ANY decent quality 400 speed E6 film, plus a moderate contrast and saturation 100 film.
We may have not always seen eye-to-eye on some things, but boy I'm with you on this one. I have no real interest in color negatives. I want something I can drop on my light box and drool over. Then scan up nicely because the final transparency IS the final display medium.

Besides, where I live it's overcast 90% of all days every year. Attach a warming filter and any transparency film will look great. The inherent higher contrast of the film type itself is not a liability. In fact, most dull, cloudy days here it's a real asset.

On a tripod, that is. Losing 400-speed up here is a serious loss. Hand-holding gets relegated to that other 10% of the days. And I have to work 5/7ths of all of those, dang it...