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The only places I've seen the variants of this film are in drug stores, grocery stores, and discount stores. So now I'm trying to remember the last time I saw 120 in that kind of store. I think it was about the last time I was using 620 film and buying locally.

Shorter answer: I'd doubt very much that it's imported in 120, although there may be some mail order or online outlet that uses it as a house brand. I don't think you'll find it where the 35mm versions are available locally.

I would love to get my hands on a 120 neg film with crap colour and big grain. From the posts here it sounded perfect.

oh well.

FWIW about 10 years ago in a tourist shop in leelanau michigan i found 120 neg film as well as 25 iso kodak (gold?) 135. It was old dusty and sitting at the checkout not 10 feet from the window, so I bought it.