At least, it is here.
Hello everybody, I'm Felix from Leipzig in Germany and I'm completely in love with film and the possibilities that I have with it.
It all started quite slowly. I got into photography with a cheap digital compact which to this day I loathe and despise for the crappy pictures that I got. Even the ones taken with the flash on were blurry and soft, just terrible. Then, in 2011, during my studies at Leipzig University, I went to Beijing for half a year to intensively study the wonderful chinese language and, of course, took the little box with me. After 2 weeks i was so utterly sick of it! Luckily I met a Chinese American whose little dorm room was stuffed to the brim with mostly Nikon equipment, he told me about a market somewhere in Beijing where they had lots and lots of new and used equipment of any kind. So off we went and I bought myself and old Chinese copy of an old Minolta design, a Seagull DF-102b wich I still have to this day. The pictures I got were amazing, even with the crappy lens I got with it! Later, I got myself a digital Pentax K-x but when I was back in Germany I soon switched back to film and I'm stuck with it ever since. Early this year I also started developing my own black and white and for around half a year now I'm also self-developing colour films, too. Most recently I am into shooting old, long expired slide Film (Kodak Ektachrome 100X, Fujichrome RPD II etc, Agfa Agfachrome RSX etc) with either my Holga or one of my old folders, then developing it in C-41. The colors! Every roll is different!
I use Pentax equipment a lot (ME, ME super, Z-1, SFXn), but my most beloved camera is my Minolta Dynax 600si with the vertical grip and vertical format release. That, the all metal Tokina 28-70 3.5-4.5, some HP5+, a yellow filter and I'm good to go wherever I may wander. Thanks for reading and I'm happy to be here.