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I want one of those wide aspect ratio Belairs. Is that what they're called? But I swear if I so much as whisper out loud that I want another camera my other half will use a steak knife to behead me in my sleep...

I wanted one before I had my 6x12 back. But I wanted to get a better lens in it.

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I am rooting for Kodak Alaris and I am glad to hear that they won't be risking the currently fantastic product line by doing something fiscally idiotic like trying to bring back E-6, Techpan or Kodachrome. As 2013 comes to a close, I am both grateful and inspired by the choices we have from Kodak.

Thanks for reading the thread Colleen, you folks have worked your butts off! Just focus on the photographers proudly using great Kodak films to lure viewers into their personal vision. Especially the young people who are not bitter and pissed off at the new world of film, desperately clinging onto the hope of bringing back products that simply will not have enough demand to exist.
I'll come on Dan, you don't want some crazy new film like Alarichrome? Haha Alariroyal... Alari-X