I started out in the 1950's with an Ansco 120 "TLR" that had a little knob to rotate a filter or a closeup lens into the optical path. Look through the red window, wind to the next number, and push the red button. The equivalent of a Diana or Holga, 30 years ahead of time. I managed to move from there to where I am today, having learned f/stops and shutter speeds etc along the way. I simply don't understand the attitude that people who are entering photography via Lomo etc are to be looked down on. Everyone starts somewhere, no one emerges from the womb uttering the Scheimpflug principle. Maybe the "I so hip" bit can get wearing, but from the point of view of preserving analog photography, what do we care? I'll only get upset if someone takes away all my quality gear and forces me to shoot with a Lomo; until then, welcome aboard. And if what remains of Kodak continues to produce stuff for me to use, well, I'll thank them for that.