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I'm looking for an incident light meter. Something simple to use with my new to me 35mm. I plan on using experience and Sunny 16 for most of my exposures but want something small and simple just to double check when I'm uncertain... (I have a Pentax Digital Spot meter but I don't want to take that with me when I'm shooting 35mm.)

(Ultimately I would like to have THIS but can't swing it right now or probably for some time.)

I'm looking for something very basic and CHEAP.

(And of course I am usually willing to barter with prints if you fancy any of mine. =)
Why Incident Light Meter? Surely it is better to measure the light reflected from a subject than to measure some of the light falling onto it?

You could use "Light Meter" a free app for your smartphone to keep the bulk down but it wouldn't be taking incident light readings... It does have a spot on it though so would be at least a little similar to the way you use your Pentax Spotmeter.