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I put the SR-T and Spotmatic in that same favored class where price was not really an object but quality was profound. It is a bit like the Buicks of the 50s and 60s: priced well under the luxury class but 'those in the know' knew that the quality was truly there. The marketplace affirmed this. After years of doing minor (stress minor) repairs I can gladly affirm that those two cameras, overall, gave me the least problems.

But, of course, if there are newcomers here who want to read that as affirmation that they should get one of those, and ONLY one of those, I say this: Watch your mileage! An overly used Spotmatic or SR-T WILL give you problems a lot sooner than will a newish Yashica, Autoreflex, or, yes, even Zenit (ie, one that actually had quality control). - David Lyga
David, these camera are all 35+ years old. Even if they've never had a roll of film in them, they're likely to give trouble due to old lubricants.