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i don't have any preference for the cameras i use.
i have too many of them so just grab what it handy
or that will be easiest to work with with the medium i am working with
so, a 35mm or half frame or 110 might work, or if i am using paper negatives
something bigger, but im not too particular ... that larger one might be a junky pre war box camera
or a 8x10 camera ..

i guess i am a little bit of an equipment snob, i don't really like too much auto
cause i don't bother with any of that stuff, id like to over ride all of it ...

so .. are YOU an equipment snob ?
why, why not ?
Yes, yes I am. I had T-shirts made up, one for when I'm using my Linhof says "My other camera is a Deardorff" and another, for when I'm using the Deardorff says "My other camera is a Linhof".

I wish I'd thought of this back when I owned two Leica M3s and a IIIG - I'd have had a shirt made that said "My other cameras are Leicas, too".