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I got mine from eBay. I simply saved a search for "Paterson Orbital" and when one came up bought it for about 140 (about $224). If you do want to use it for colour work then you simply go back to the 50ml and use the orbital base to agitate the films throughout the process. With normal (non-C41) B&W film the processor is used without the orbital base. It is used as a tray. It just happens to have a light baffled lid on it. 500ml makes a safety level to ensure the film is covered during stand and semi-stand development.

I noticed in your own store you are selling a second hand 20x24 drum on its own for $329 and your new 3006 drum is going for $499 plus shipping add in your foot pump at $65 and the Paterson Orbital is looking quite cost-effective and it is so much more versatile, especially when processing black and white.

Wow, 140 for an orbital, I bought two (separately) for less than that together and then paid a further 35 for a motorised base (never actually used it).

If I am processing Semi-stand I use an Orbital without base in a 10" x 12" tray with a water bath which is sat upon a 11" x 14" dish warmer to keep the temperature constant over the long processing times that ensue. I have found that 400ml is more than sufficient to cover 4x 4x5 or 2x 5x7. To agitate I lift one end of the Orbital slightly to rock it in the water bath.

Apart from the Jobo Expert tanks, sheet films processed in the Orbital are as good as they get, no scratches, streaks or other blemishes.