I *like* equipment, but I don't feel like a snob about it. I just think the mechanical-age gestalt of mid-20th-century cameras, and the extensive manual involvement in using (especially) prewar large format, are enjoyable. But if anything I may be kind of a reverse snob, in that I'm more likely to admire the photographer who can get a good result from a Rube Goldberg[1] setup of scrap wood and chewing gum than the one who spent US$2,284,572,275,073.36 on the newest shiniest fanciest everything.

It's a personality trait, I think; I'm the same way about cars, guitars, horses, garden tools, camping equipment...anything that functions as a tool, I admire good workmanship, I work best with tools I feel a personal "bond" with, but I'm kind of contemptuous when I see someone have the attitude "this tool isn't good enough for me". Man, if you could *really* ride, you'd be able to win that equitation class on a moose. Or whatever.


[1] That's American for "Heath Robinson", I believe.