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Wow, 140 for an orbital, I bought two (separately) for less than that together and then paid a further 35 for a motorised base (never actually used it).

If I am processing Semi-stand I use an Orbital without base in a 10" x 12" tray with a water bath which is sat upon a 11" x 14" dish warmer to keep the temperature constant over the long processing times that ensue. I have found that 400ml is more than sufficient to cover 4x 4x5 or 2x 5x7. To agitate I lift one end of the Orbital slightly to rock it in the water bath.

Apart from the Jobo Expert tanks, sheet films processed in the Orbital are as good as they get, no scratches, streaks or other blemishes.
Well done on the purchases! I suppose I was anxious to win the auction at the time because I had sheets waiting to be developed. My developer is so low cost, 500ml gives a nice safety margin for me. I wouldn't risk my films to any of the other methods now I have modified my Orbital. My agitation is a little bit like yours but I do it in groups of four left to right tilts and four back to front lifts. My motor base is like yours, unused...