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We all need film to stay in a positive light, this constant asking for what we don't have and never will again is a sickness and it is a sad one at that...you are totally missing the point if you continue to do this folks, really.....so stop it for once!
An alternate interpretation is that it's just the market making it's wishes known. In a pre-Internet era companies used to spend fairly large sums of money to hire and fund market research efforts to figure out what their customers—and potential customers—wanted. Now that information can be had directly by simply reading online, where the whole damn world is more than happy to tell you what it wants. For free. Until your eyes bleed.

The APUG membership is not a statistical outlier to be ignored simply because it's not saying what you want to hear. Rather it's a repository of 66,474 once or greater enrollees who felt strongly enough about the product category of photographic film to sign up as members. And the product preferences expressed here by them are genuine. People aren't gratuitously lying about the products they want to buy and use, if those products were made available. Why on earth would they do that?

It's not a sickness. It's the market at work.

My humble advice would be that one ignores the expressions of this cost-free market research at one's own risk.