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Canon made the GIII17 and made a larger one similar in name, also Canonet. The GIII17 had the 1.7/40 and the larger one had the 1.9/45. I find an amazing difference is sharpness when used wide open. The 1.7/40 is soft and lacks contrast wide open while the 1.9/45 is stunningly sharp and contrasty at all apertures. Comments? - David Lyga
The lens on your G-III needs to be calibrated, meaning the flange-back distance needs to be reset. The 40/1.7 on the G-III is a very good lens wide-open, sharp and contrasty, but if the register is off, you get mush.

There was a long discussion on this subject over on RFF (or the Classic Camera Repair Forum) a few years back. One of the guys experimented with changing the flange-back distance on his G-III. Once properly calibrated, the results were quite good. If you know what you are doing, you can do it yourself. Not hard if I recall, but the effort is worth it.

Jim B.