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It's not a sickness. It's the market at work.
Yes, it is a sickness and no, it is not a market that works, because this is a re-emerging market with low demand, still declining in some areas such as color. So it is a niche and within this niche people have been told time and time again by the likes of Simon Galley, Colleen Krenzer, Eric from Freestyle and Henry P from B&H that there is NOT sufficient demand for the products that have been discontinued, *Full Stop!!*

So when ever you fill the wunder-kind internet with wanting what will NEVER come back, it is not positive for film, not positive for the films that are left, not positive for Kodak, Ilford, Fuji, etc and I gave a perfect example above in how this is DAMAGING the movement of film as a niche. That 20-something that I inspired to shoot film chose not to join this site based on this old washed up guard attitude, I can't blame him.

If we as film users fail to inspire others to use what we DO have left, we risk losing that too, I'm sorry but as a professional who wants to continue to depend on film, this annoys me to no end Ken.