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I do promote Ilford and Fuji. They are the only ones left offering what a lot of us are asking for. I won't recommend Kodak to anyone for one reason only, they keep dropping product right after they say they won't. Why beat the dead Kodak horse.

Support those who are supporting us, or I should say, most of us. I personally don't ask for anything from Kodak. They could bring back everything I loved and used, and would I go back to Kodak, nope. No use in me asking them for squat and I don't/won't. Since I can't get my favorites any longer, I have found new favorites from Fuji and Ilford. They get my business cause they offer me product that fits my needs.

So should I run out and buy Kodak products or tell everyone what wondrous offerings the big K has to keep them afloat when they offer nothing I can see as better or even more affordable than others.

Years ago I only used Kodak, and a lot of it. Just so you know.
My only comment is that now that this new company is on this, we should wait and not beat the "kodak sucks" drum, it's a new company, and this company might just be better, and then will still have awesome Kodak film. It is definitely possible for Ilford and Fuji and Kodak to all coexist together, and if anybody's dropping things it's actually Fuji these days, but yet I don't hear a lot of the same kind of bashing about how Fuji is killing off film, only that they are doing the right things for their business, which seems exactly what Kodak did, cut out films that they just couldn't make a profit on.

Seems a little hypocritical doesn't it? now admittedly my favorite film company is Ilford. Their product line is stellar. Fuji has a small line really in B&W it's just Acros100... The neopan400 is gone! But nobody got angry at Fuji for killing it they simply lamented the film's passing, stop hating and Kodak, and just support it. I have a feeling this new company will actually turn it around, and as long as we continue to support it at least not bashing it, then I think that there's a good chance it will be around for a long time.