I am a bit, but only in that when I buy something or get into a new format, or system (like switching from medium format to large-format, or like switching from using SLR cameras to using rangefinders) I don't really want to start with the crappy camera and then "upgrade" because that just seems silly to me. I do a lot of research before I enter into a new system, so I'm pretty assured at that time that it's something that I'm going to want to use, so there's no reason for me to buy a beater first, and then have to spend more money later on something else, and have trouble selling that piece of crap camera, because then I'll just end up spending more money in the end, so I patiently wait for a good deal on a high-quality camera and then I get it.

It's certainly taken me a while to acquire all of them, but I use them all regularly, and if I have two of the same exact kind of camera, then I sell one of them, because it's silly to have multiples if they sort of have the same kind of handholding, like owning a Yashica TLR, and then also owning a Rolleiflex TLR, I don't want to show full cameras collecting dust, I want useful tools to create my art, but I know that because I'm particular about how I for my heart, that I have a better chance of making some better art with better equipment IN GENERAL.

If I want to picture to be fuzzy blurry, I can simply add a filter, or add some saran wrap or something and then I'll have an "artsy" picture. If I want a nice extra sharp picture, I just don't use the filter and use my nice high-quality lens.

Anyway without further do my cameras...

-TOYO 45a (later model revolving back version, so essentially the mark II model without the fancy knobs) [4x5 field camera]

-Mamiya 7 II [MF RF]

-Mamiya RZ67 [MF SLR]

-Yashica44LM [127 format TLR]

-Canon 1V [35mm SLR for current autofocus lens systems]

-Canon AE-1 [35mm SLR for manual focus]


I do have a few "crappy" cameras but they get exceptions Kodak 120 folder, the only one that functions perfectly, a Kodak 116 folder, not perfect but let's me shoot 116 film, and 616 kodak folder, this one is the only one that has perfectly light tight bellows and think I might canibalize it for the 116, because this one is basically an automatic and the 116 can actually be set. I have a Zeiss Ikon ContinaMATIC II that I got to try out RF's only to discover it doesn't have a coupled RF but convinced me I want one because they are small and useful...

So the only camera I don't have is a Leica, I was actually kind of a snob about like us, and what I mean by that is the opposite of what people would think, I actually snubbed my nose at Leica owners, because of all of the pictures I've seen, leica owner pictures seem to be the crappiest. That whole load the glasses so perfect look at these perfect curves etc. attitude seems to trump the skill in actually using it to its advantage, but I think I would be like that other guy on the first page, the one who said that his is a users leica, mine would be scratched and doing and look like you had been through three wars, and like owners would be horrified that it was in fact and M6

However I can't really find one that I can afford, they're just too ridiculously expensive hah! Of all the camera systems I've "bought into", the Leica is the most expensive. So I will probably never have one, and of course I'm particular, and I only want the silver and black one, not the all-black one, if I'm going to spend the money on a Leica, I might as well have one that looks like a Leica not a point-and-shoot lol!

I know, in the large-format area there are better cameras, but I think mine is pretty well up there for the modern 4x5's and I also know that the Mamiya RZ67 is considered by some, inferior to the Hassleblad, however I think the two systems are pretty well matched, and I preferred the 67 format to the 66 format for most images, also it's easier to get frames in 6 x 7, then have to find square ones, but ultimately that came down to price, basically for the same quality lenses (yes I truly believe the Mamiya lenses are just as good as Hassleblad) I can get a much cheaper system with the RZ67 than I can with Hassleblad set up.

Apologies for any weird sentences, I'm dictating with my phone using Siri.

So yeah, I'm a big snob