Yes, and no.

I appreciate and want to use good tools. In all my hobbies and interests. Good tools do not have to be the most expensive, or even the most well known. I like SK wrenches, Facom ratchets, and use Craftsmen sockets and Wiha screwdrivers. I drive Mercedes. Mine is a 1985 300sd, hers is a 2000 230 Kompressor. I listen to vinyl records. I prefer Kenya AA coffee beans, roasted dark. I have no idea what brand appliances I own, except for the coffee makers. I want the best quality I can get get for those things that are important to me. I do not look down on anyone with "lesser" quality property. If you are happy with a cup of Maxwell House dripped out of Sunbeam, thats great. If you offer me a cup I say "thank you".

I have seen some marvelous photographs done on all kinds of equipment. Some of the most revered art was created using equipment some of us would throw away. Talent trumps hardware every time. In my business I see how good marketing can create demand for a product, a lot of what I see in the camera hardware race is the result of great marketing. Is digitial really better than film? Depends. Is modern optics really necessary to pull the best out of todays cameras? Probably not, but maybe sometimes.

The question should really be, "are you happy with what you have?" Does what I think about what you own really matter?

Why are you taking photographs? If you take a good one, how do you know its good? Does the equipment used make a difference in your definition of good?