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I do promote Ilford and Fuji. They are the only ones left offering what a lot of us are asking for. I won't recommend Kodak to anyone for one reason only, they keep dropping product right after they say they won't. Why beat the dead Kodak horse.

Support those who are supporting us, or I should say, most of us. I personally don't ask for anything from Kodak. They could bring back everything I loved and used, and would I go back to Kodak, nope. No use in me asking them for squat and I don't/won't. Since I can't get my favorites any longer, I have found new favorites from Fuji and Ilford. They get my business cause they offer me product that fits my needs.

So should I run out and buy Kodak products or tell everyone what wondrous offerings the big K has to keep them afloat when they offer nothing I can see as better or even more affordable than others.

Years ago I only used Kodak, and a lot of it. Just so you know.

Ok, look….you have every right to speak for your self, but you have no place, no right and simply no basis for speaking for anyone else, right? I can give you a list of at least two dozen professional photographers who depend on quality Kodak films like Tmax, Tri-X and Portra. I have no way of listing how many enthusiasts use it but it is a quite a bit. There are countless people on here, Photo.net, LFF and RFF who swear by Kodak Tri-X, Tmax and Portra, tons in fact, and they often use Ilford and Fuji as well.

You don’t think Kodak has supported you but they have, just like Ilford and Fuji has. But this is *business* and in business when a product is steadily underperforming, it stands to get axed. Fuji has done this, Ilford had in the past and will again if something becomes a fiscal paperweight, anyone would be a fool to think different. You have people asking Ilford for a true IR film to replace Efke IR820, 220 films like HP5, Pan-F in 4x5. You have people lamenting the loss of RVP in 4x5, the price rise of Acros in 4x5 and how it is oddly different that of 120. But it is OK for these other companies to make wise business decisions because they are not Kodak past…..read that again sir…past. As in Kodak-alaris is NOT Kodak-perez. And that means for all of us who do count on Kodak products…and there are a LOT, we are relieved that there is at least a chance that the current line up will stand a chance of sticking around.

I can almost assure you that at some point in the future, every single film maker will discontinue another film, possibly even Ilford. They are not taking it away from you personally, they are trimming off a product that puts ALL their film line at risk, get it????

I know a lot of people get emotional about this and what they choose to use, that is a good thing man. really. But if you are done with Kodak, pissed off at the photo world because the grand heyday of film from the early 90’s is over and want to take it out on someone, please…out of respect for the new people at the helm of Kodak film who love the product as much as others do, let it alone man, move on…

All you are doing by parroting your personal issues with Kodak is distracting people from the mission at hand for all of us, to put ALL films in a better light.