You know what I'd like to see discussed, pro and con?--User opinions of a C, CM compared with its EL models. I for one maintain that the ELM can compare more on the same footing with Rolleis in the camera vibration department. The motor/battery adding dampening by weight. My EL trips off smooth as silk. I pick up the C and it jumps in my hand when I trip it. Yes, all foams are new. On top of that, EL's are cheap. Goes to show don't have to spend yourself into guilt to have a great camera. I'm telling you folks who have never shot an EL/ELM--they're really smooth when that mirror clacks. Much closer to a Rollei. A CM is like--FLOP!, and it shakes your hand. And my logic is that because of that, your hand is the actual offender more than the camera. C's are compact, and EL's have the beef to get the grain (pixel) peeping sharpness.
Put me down in the ELM column, by reason of stability. (and price)