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Hey Stone, I gotta' ask. Do you ever sleep?

We stragglers out here on the West Coast usually close out the day (or evening) on APUG. Guys like 'MattKing' up north of me over the border in BC, 'anakin' down south of me in Oregon, 'akphotog' waaay up god-only-knows-where in Alaska trying to not get eaten by Grizzly bears.

After us the prime time APUG window moves out over the vast limitless reaches of the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii's out there somewhere about 6-7 hours of flight time from the mainland. But activity doesn't really pick up again for several hours until Oz finally logs in over the dateline for their evenings.

But you? You're always around here late at night on West Coast time. That's the middle of the night or early morning on the East Coast.

Man, don't you ever sleep?

Haha never, My life is devoted to APUG

In all seriousness in the movie industry there are times when the scene is happening and you're not really working and have a lot of time to preoccupy yourself. So I read and learn about film and post here.

The hours are sporadic so sometimes I'm up early posting, but I'm also a night owl so I'm up late too.

Also my work days are usually 12-15 hours plus 2 hours drive into NY and another 2 hours to drive home in rush hour (10mph) traffic. So I have a LOT of time to be on here...

The only time I'm not on is when I'm shooting, having "relations", sleeping, or actually working at work. Lol