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Maybe i should list my list here so you can have an idea what i went with:

Mamiya RZ67 Pro II ....... My best 6x7 body, but the battery issue is the only thing made me to think about something else.

Hasselblad 501CM ....... my best 6x6 and i like the handle, but the focusing screen is difficult to use to be accurate, and i may get another Hassy but chrome one.

Mamiya RB67 Pro-SD ....... it may become my best 6x7 if i start to use it and see, got it to have that mechanical body replacement for RZ.

Fujica GSW690III ...... my best RF 6x9, i wanted that size and it is really amazing sharp and beautiful one, happy with it and i think it will be my travel additional body no doubt.

Mamiya 7II ..... didn't work yet because i didn't fix it yet, hope this will be my best travel MF film kit if it will work sooner or later, also battery is an issue as RZ.

Holga 120WPC ...... used it one or 2 times, nothing special about it, just bought it because it was crazy cheap and wanted to have Holga body, that's all.

Holga 120N ....... also nothing special here, just got it to have normal exposure and no pano or wide frame as on that 120WPC one, also not a favorite camera, just cheap.

Those above are my MF so far, but who knows what i may add in the future, i didn't list LF because that is another story or should be another class.

Thanks for reading
You're a gear junky! And you don't even use some of them? I'll take the Mamiya 7 off your hands I need a second body anyway

Having an RZ AND an RB Pro-S seems a little silly to me. I agree, I own the RZ, and the battery issue happens to me or used to when I'm shooting late at night in the cold outside and the battery would die especially on long exposures of 20 minutes, and always wished I had the other one, however the whole kit that I have is really sweet, all the lenses are in great shape and I don't feel like changing them just to get a different body. I know the later model lenses of the RB system are just as good as the RZ system lenses so why own both?