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No, von Hoegh, you would be surprised with how new they look and act when cared for. I have been acquainted with enough (dozens and dozens) of them to assert this unequivocally. Actually there are no lubricants in the Spotmatic or SR-T. The gears are clean, that's all. I've taken apart many to confirm this.
Problems with film advance happen with all cameras. Pioneer, maybe the SLR in question had too much mileage, or, perhaps, something tiny got lodged in the works. I once had a pristine SR-1 (the predecessor to the SR-T) and a tiny screw got into the curtain area and tore a tiny hole. But, yes, even these quality cameras develop problems with shutter and film advance if overworked with either so much use or, even if 'newish', grit lowering its effective life. Work cleanly.

And, Randy, I literally lust for the H series Pentaxes. I think that they are the epitome of artistic design and I utterly love their simplicity and durability. The mirror's ease with getting scratches is an Achilles' Heel sort of (corrected with the Spotmatic and thereafter) but the H series I will buy forever. - David Lyga
David, I have the service manuals for the H1a, H3v, SP-1000 and SP-500. I can assure you that there are many points for lubricants, as you will see if you look at the same literature (which is easily downloadable).

After several decades, lubricants dry up, spread out, etc. That's why they are dry, and wearing at an accelerated rate. Also, according to the Pentax service literature, the gears associated with the shutter are supposed to run with dry teeth and only the barest spot of lube on the pivot points.