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You're a gear junky! And you don't even use some of them? I'll take the Mamiya 7 off your hands I need a second body anyway

Having an RZ AND an RB Pro-S seems a little silly to me. I agree, I own the RZ, and the battery issue happens to me or used to when I'm shooting late at night in the cold outside and the battery would die especially on long exposures of 20 minutes, and always wished I had the other one, however the whole kit that I have is really sweet, all the lenses are in great shape and I don't feel like changing them just to get a different body. I know the later model lenses of the RB system are just as good as the RZ system lenses so why own both?
I know your point, it is just i bought them new at reasonable good prices, i am sure that RB with the film back and 2 lenses were cheaper than i bought my RZ + 2 lenses used, only my RZ film back was brand new and that was so expensive, i have budget for RB so it is not a waste or problem, i will buy bulk of batteries for RZ, and use it when i don't shoot for long time and go away hiking, only will use RB if i will shoot for so long time and in extreme conditions so i can't expect when the battery may last, and in all cases, RZ is more advanced than RB so i like to have that body, wish of that RZ is completely mechanical then i will never look back.

Well, you send me your Mamiya 7II, as mine is not working even i bought it brand new from B&H, so with yours i will show you what i can do with it