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Yep. The twins as I think I'll call them. Bought the pair of RB67's from the big auction site, should be showing up today with aluminum hard case, WLF, Metered Prism Finder, 2x converter, 2 120 backs, 1 220 back, 90mm F3.8 and 180mmF4.5 with a few other odds and ends. The price was good for the whole package and i couldn't resist. Why buy one when you can buy two? Twice the fun? Right?
Backup, or sell it and make some money, sel the prism too, those things are too heavy! Lol

I've the same kit in RZ, add the 50mm to it and that's my kit.

All for $400! (Except the 50mm, that was maybe $150? Extra?)

EDIT: but I don't get a fancy shiny case...