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I know your point, it is just i bought them new at reasonable good prices, i am sure that RB with the film back and 2 lenses were cheaper than i bought my RZ + 2 lenses used, only my RZ film back was brand new and that was so expensive, i have budget for RB so it is not a waste or problem, i will buy bulk of batteries for RZ, and use it when i don't shoot for long time and go away hiking, only will use RB if i will shoot for so long time and in extreme conditions so i can't expect when the battery may last, and in all cases, RZ is more advanced than RB so i like to have that body, wish of that RZ is completely mechanical then i will never look back.

Well, you send me your Mamiya 7II, as mine is not working even i bought it brand new from B&H, so with yours i will show you what i can do with it
Haha! If you bought it new there must be a warrantee?