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Cadmium was banned by the European Comission in the late 90ies only to be allowed again by the same politicians a few years later in lightbulbs (but not in photographic products).
All manufacturers had to take all Cadmium out of all photographic papers. Polywarmtone was cadmium free since 1998.

Cadmium may not be intentionally used anymore. The amount of Cadmium we would need in order to stabilize a photographic emulsion is so low that in the final product there is actually less Cadmium than exists naturally in the environment.
Yet we may not use it anymore even at such low levels.
There is nothing we can do. These people in Finland apointed by the European commission are not elected nor controled and make a more than decent living on forbidding substances. This is their purpose of living. It does not matter if a substance is actually bad. We are past the really bad substances for over a decade. Now they ban substances of which someone once said they might possibly be bad. They cannot be held liable even if they make the worse mistakes and destroy whole industries or cause other severe trouble. Also they donīt care and do it all behind closed doors not talking to anyone and publishing only whatīs absolutely necesary in a cryptic way trying to avoid all contacts to the public who might be struck by their actions. Never will a decison once taken be revoked no matter how much harm it does and how useless it may be. The process is to complex to be rolled back.
It will never stop. They constantly need new substances to forbid. There are thousands of more than well payed jobs attached to this spinning wheel.
Welcome to what comes past democracy. Welcome to Eurocracy!
Uhh, ok...besides that, how is the PWT production going?