Sure you can use the 2550 multitank 5 on the motor base, but you will have a hard time controlling temp with that setup.

The budget option choice is the mod54 for sheet film, and then use the same paterson ptp116 with roll film reels for anything else, Morgan the inventor of the MOD54 posted several youtube vids on "how to" c-41 with the MOD with nothing more then a kitchen sink. This is more of a lo fi style for c41, as results will vary, from user to user, chemistry kit to another, and from run to run, as it is hard to duplicate the exact same temps and times with this method.

If you want more consistent results, with less trouble shooting, down time and mystery artifacts to diagnose, you want to go rotation, in a temp controlled environment. while a Jobo processor is a simple and ready made way to achieve exactly that, there are MANY other ways to do this with endless APUG and LFF threads on the subject.

All c-41 kits are not equal, and a liquid, single part mix, long lasting system is what you want, one shot is always best to minimize the chance of contamination. One drop of bleach or blix in even a very large container of color developer, will make the whole batch unusable.