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Yes, there is a warrantee, but i didn't know where is the problem/issue from, the camera or the lens or the battery, and just to make it clear, the first time i test it i've got only 3 frames out of 10, then all other films [3 after that] are all blank and i feel maybe that lens is defective because i bought it new from ebay, but i can't judge anything, either i return the whole system or send them all for maintenance and see where is the problem from. Also i didn't want to waste money to send camera back for replacement if it is really new and maybe another new camera will not work if it is not the main issue.

I was thinking to buy another lens and also buy a guaranteed fresh battery to test then i may find out the issue.
If the battery doesn't work, then it won't allow you to advance to the next frame, so it shouldn't be a battery issue, it could be a lens issue, did you remember to take the lens cap off? That's a common error with people who have rangefinder's, they forget to take the lens cap off because they can see through the viewfinder, I know it sounds silly but is that possibly the case?