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I have had a Super Program for years and the ONLY thing that has ever given me a problem is that the film counter is stuck at 36. It's a decent handling camera and I especially like the DOF preview lever. Small but not too small with a nice thumb and finger grip that really make it pleasure to use. Accurate metering too.
I also have the ME Super which handles nicely despite not having any grips nor DOF lever, button, etc. However, my favorite is my MX which I feel is THE perfect camera!
Of course my Spotmatic SPll is quite nice in it's own right.
Overall I think most any Pentax is a good choice!!

Thanks! Do all the functions/modes work with all manual focus Pentax lenses, or only with the "A" designation lenses? Seems like Pentax lenses have become even pricier recently, especially the "A" ones. If I'm able to get all the metering and other functions to work with "M" lenses I think it would be less expensive/easier to find "M" lenses than "A" lenses.