Very clean.
Some exterior dust speckles, and a few internal ones, nothing that'd impede performance whatsoever
Comes w/ bubble case, retaining ring, and lens cap(original 'rodenstock' one)

This is the version you WANT, and definitely the version you NEED if you take your darkroom work seriously(IMO)

Super high quality, I feel it's the best "bang for the buck" out there short of a 105mm APO-El-Nikkor

Example(extreme one, but still):
Approx 1yr ago a friend of mine approached me to print a series of photographs he was going to enter into a show. He wanted to go 20x30(give or take a few inches), and wanted all-darkroom enlargements. I rec'd I drum scan them for him on my scanner, digitally edit and lightjet for output. But he says no. Optical only. 'OK' says I, and I give him a quote. Job proceeds. Upon viewing 1st prints out of the ra-4 processor(these were color enlargements from 35mm Portra 800 negatives), we were both taken back by how sharp and well-defined it was edge to edge(I was using F/5.6, and a DIY "wet mount" glass carrier I made especially for this project). No small matter, and we're not talking looking at grandma's pictures from Christmas here . Just a taste of what this lens can do. It's very capable, and despite Rodenstock wanting to sell you one of their "Rodagon-G" lenses designed for huge enlargement ratios like this one aforementioned, I felt this lens held up its own very, very well.
Will YOU do 20x30's anytime soon? Maybe; maybe not. Just recounting an experience I've had using this wonderful piece of optical tech I'm now relinquishing to a new home so it can play in someone else's darkroom!

$145 shipped/Paypal'd in the USA
int'l add $25 for extra cost of Priority USPS postage, worldwide
USPS Money Orders are fine to, if you don't use PP