I spent the day hiking and taking some more photos with my medium format film camera. Shooting digital for so many years, I am very much enjoying the change of pace that shooting film offers. It puts you in a different, much more contemplative frame of mind. There is no "chimping" possible, and with only 10 frames to work with, you really have to slow down and wait for the perfect light.

Here is the first frame I scanned tonight from the two rolls I shot today. The photo was taken at Horseshoe Park in Rocky Mountain National Park close to sunset. The sun was setting just behind the mountain to the left, briefly lighting up the lone tree on the hill.

I intentionally didn't crop the film borders fully, I kind of like the effect of showing the film edge on some photos.

Taken with a Mamiya RB67 medium format camera on Foma 100 film. Developed in Xtol at 1:1.

Horseshoe-Park----RMNP----RB67 by Colorado CJ, on Flickr

I'll be sure to add a few others to this thread tomorrow once I scan them in.

Thanks for looking.