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Having an RZ AND an RB Pro-S seems a little silly to me. I agree, I own the RZ, and the battery issue happens to me or used to when I'm shooting late at night in the cold outside and the battery would die especially on long exposures of 20 minutes, and always wished I had the other one, however the whole kit that I have is really sweet, all the lenses are in great shape and I don't feel like changing them just to get a different body. I know the later model lenses of the RB system are just as good as the RZ system lenses so why own both?

Not really silly -they both can cover different ends of the spectrum. Having an RZ makes it easier to shoot digital than an RB, plus cheaper than buying interfaces for the RB. And of course one can back up the other - I, Ofc, dont know what he bought it for.

I am seriously considering an RZ purchase to add functionality to my RB kit.

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