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Let's see: Agfa Photo, Labaphot, Mimosa, Perutz, Kentmere, Forte, Svema, Ferrania, Fotokemika, Sterling (Allied Photographic India Ltd), Guillemoint,... went out of bussiness [sic] for good.
Hmm. Kentmere film is made by Harman Technologies, the same folks that bring you Ilford B&W film. Kentmere 100 can still be had for under 3USD/roll from B&H, though I prefer the look of HP5+. Agfa Photo is a reseller of others' products (Precisa is apparently rebadged Fuji Provia). Nicola Baldini is in the process of bringing some Ferrania products back (filmferrania.it). Adox is attempting to bring back some of the Fotokemika products back under the Adox name.

B&W is in pretty good shape. There are lots B&W film products available and being manufactured. Folks have mourned the loss of HIE and Efke IR820, but Rollei IR400S is still around and you can get a good wood effect from it with an R72 filter. SFX200 from Ilford also has some IR sensitivity, though I've not tried it yet.

It's the color range that is becoming limited. In the consumer range of film we have Kodak Gold 200 and 400, and Fujicolor 200, 400, and 800. Agfa Photo markets rebadged Fuji Provia as Agfa Precisa, an amateur film (though I've not been able to find it in the US). Kodak used to make an 800 speed consumer film but apparently it's no longer around. In professional color negative emulsions we have Ektar 100 and Portra 160, 400, and 800. Fuji still has 400H in their professional line. In E6 we have only Agfa Precisa as a consumer film. In the pro range we have Fuji Provia 100F, Velvia 50, and Velvia 100. You can still get Velvia 100F from B&H though Fuji has discontinued it. Same with Provia 400X. We lost the Kodak line of E6 films last year, but Ferrania is supposed to be bringing back an updated version of Scotchchrome 100 in early 2014.