Whats the minimum volume of C-41 per sheet, or per 12 sheets, in a 255X tank?

I've been searching threads on c-41 for many days and still came away with many questions. This is why I started the thread to gather this info in one place. Maybe you can mention a few of the "MANY other ways to do this" so I can research them further. I've only seen a couple-the hair dryer idea, hand rolling in water on bearings. I don't count preheating the drum as a temperature "controlled" environment since the temperature is always dropping. But thats what I'll probably be using at first.

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Sure you can use the 2550 multitank 5 on the motor base, but you will have a hard time controlling temp with that setup.


If you want more consistent results, with less trouble shooting, down time and mystery artifacts to diagnose, you want to go rotation, in a temp controlled environment. while a Jobo processor is a simple and ready made way to achieve exactly that, there are MANY other ways to do this with endless APUG and LFF threads on the subject.