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Jobo reels are in compatible with paterson tanks.

The minimum chemistry needed for the Jobo 2520 is 270ml for 6 sheets, 640ml for 12 sheets in the 2550.

(all Jobo tank capacities are here: http://jobo-usa.com/images/manuals/t...capacities.pdf).

Developing by hand does not necessarily mean inversion, tanks can be rotated on any flat surface, or in place on the inexpensive Jobo roller base #1509 if one need to or wants to save space.
Sadly, this doesn't work for me at all, I don't want to roll my tank, because I don't develop that way, especially in black and white, I only do a tiny tiny very gentle inversion once per minute, and it sits the rest of the time. I use Rodinal mostly and technique changed results significantly with this developer.