Dear JDW22;

good idea!! - I have bought my Hasselblad 500 CM in 1985 with a Planar CF80mm, a Distagon CF50mm and a Sonnar CF150mm as well as a Carl Zeiss Mutar x2, which is excellent, and three 120 magazines; recent years I could luckily hold of a Distagon CF 30mm, an exhilarating lens!

Now the camera itself is still absolutely working fine. So the lenses do with the exception of the Sonnar CF 150mm where the apperture run dry and it won't work on automatic anymore, however, still in manual mode!

If you buy lenses watch for dried out apperture and time mechanic - meaning that you ought to have the garantee of taking it back in case!

Only buy 120-Magazines; as any other sizes has the difficulty of finding fresh and up-to-date films, since they have discontinued 70mm and 220 sizes! - Try whether the magazines are still light-proof! If not the seal has to be replaced - which you might do yourself if you find the seals. - Also make sure the distances from one exposure to the next run alright. - Also here buy with the garantee of taking it back in case.

Anyway - I wish you good luck and a lot of fun with your Hasselblad!!

Jan-Peter - Southern Germany