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Since when is Paterson home system and Jobo is not? There is no need for any kind of automation with JOBO, just treat is as a standard tank, and 0,5 litre of rodinal at 1+50 is not that big of a difference is it?
It's a big deal because all of my dev/stop/fix/hypo-clear bottles are 1L and the next size up is 2L and I would have to use that much more chemistry and new/giant bottles I don't have room for.

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The Paterson tanks are smaller inside than the JOBO ones. If you tried to use a JOBO type holder in a Paterson tank, the chemistry would flow in a different manner, thus potentially leading to uneven development.

So the process of designing inserts for a competitor's tank is not a simple or inexpensive one.

If you are concerned about the larger volumes of chemistry and costs involved in using a JOBO when agitation is by inversion, then move to using a replenishment regime for your developer. If you use X-Tol in a replenishment regime, your developer costs are probably about 5 cents a 4x5 sheet, and you can happily develop single sheets without being concerned about waste.
JOBO makes a hand processing tank that takes the same exact reels, center tube, etc that Paterson does, so it would support their own systems too. Or heck Paterson could make one!

I don't want nor like x-tol both as a powder dev, and as it's mixed keeping properties are horrid and unstable based on lots of stuff I've read, I don't want to work with a replenishment system as my developing is sporadic and unpredictable and I don't want to deal with keeping track of when I last filled / used it and at what point I have to replenish it etc.

I'm not worried about waste, I don't want to have to use larger storage bottles for all my chemistry. Plus I've dialed in all of the exhaustion rates for my dev's and more volume with the same amount if film = a change in exhaustion.