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Yea, I got that, 1L is my max, alas... Maybe I'll design my own better one and market it

It seems to me if the tolerances on the mod 54 or better, this wouldn't be an issue, the film would stay put and not shimmy back-and-forth, but there's at least a millimeter or two of space on the top and bottom for the film to shift up-and-down, I don't understand why there's so much space. Also if instead of having the film be with teeth, if they were actually tracks, the film would stay more still, and be less prone to scratching in the first place.

I come from a long line of engineers, I'm the first in 4 generations to not be one by trade, but it still is ingrained in me, and it just drives me nuts that something better couldn't have been designed its so simple I don't understand, if I only had the money, I would design it myself and patent it.
I think I'd back the Jobo Engineers' skills, experience and knowledge over a Layman's every day of the year.

The tolerances you refer to are to allow fluid movement over the whole film so as to prevent edge markings and/or surge marks.