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X-Tol easily lasts 6 months once mixed, and it is easy to mix. Past that, it is a bit iffy, but it is cheap, so if you need to toss it after 6 months, you are probably wasting between 3 and 7 dollars.

When you mix it up first time, you divide the 5 litres into a bottle used for working solution and bottle(s) for replenishment. I'm currently using a 1.25 litre bottle for my working solution.

You only need to replenish it a minimum of once a week, and you do that by just dumping 70 ml from your working solution and adding 70 ml from your replenishing solution - which comes from the same initial 5 litre batch. You only need to do this during any week when you don't develop film.

If you actually develop film during that week, you replenish after each development @ 70 ml per 120 roll or equivalent (120 = 135-36 = four 4x5 sheets). You dump the appropriate amount of replenishing solution into your bottle while the film is developing, and than pour the developer back into the bottle, with the excess being discarded.

Your first batch will give you about fifty 120 rolls (or fifty 135-36 rolls, or 200 4x5 sheets). With subsequent batches, you continue to use the same bottle of working solution, while the newly mixed batch can be conveniently split between five one litre bottles.
Thanks Matt, I don't really have the room for all those bottles, I'm already at my max, plus I hardly even know what day it is let alone what week it is haha, too complicated for my chaotic life, and I'm happy with Rodinal, the dev isn't the issue, it's the storage bottles and wanting to keep it at 1L bottles. Essentially I've honed my set up so that I don't actually need to use a graduate, I have a tiny little measuring cup and the measures in 10 ml increments, I put 20ml developer into the little measure, pour it directly into the bottle, the 1 L bottle, I then pour in the filtered water and I'm done no need for a large graduate or mixing stuff etc. etc. no need to store anything makes life really simple for me. I'm smart, but I'm also dyslexic, so keeping things in increments of 10 makes my life easier, if I had a 1.5 L bottle of chemistry it just complicates things, of the next as I use add up to a 1 L bottle, having to figure out the tiny little changes makes me nuts and I had up messing up the dilutions.

However I MAY be getting a special gift soon that would make me shut up and buy a JOBO tank anyway...