Well, I'm finally back in CA after a great road trip from Montana to WA and the OR coast.

The Gum-Platinum workshop was a blast for me. As Dave said, the Formulary's facility is first rate and the food and hospitality can't be beat. My thanks to Bud, Lynn and the staff for making the week an enjoyable one for all of us, including my family who tagged along. I appreciate the opportunity to teach there and look forward to returning in the future.

And it may not come across in his APUG postings, but Dave is one of the funniest guys you're ever likely to meet. Although if you're not paying attention, some of his funniest lines may go over your head because of his deadpan delivery. In fact, all 5 attendees were funny in their own ways and I don't recall laughing so much during a workshop. Long days printing in the darkroom were followed by unwinding on the porch sipping a little single malt or a Moose Drool beer while discussing just about everything under the sun. Dusk comes slowly in that part of the country and last light was around 10:30.

As for the other workshops mentioned, the Yosemite workshop in December is also gum over platinum and I'm sure there are still spots available. The workshop in October in Placerville is intro to platinum/palladium and is already full with a short waiting list. For more info, check out my website.