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Strange comment, given they do do it, and that they're still doing it despite your claim that it's not profitable.

Seems altruism isn't dead...
NO THEY DONT not for the hand processing tanks ... Sheesh!

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This is going off topic again but:
There is no mix and match between any paterson and Jobo tanks, unfortunately. That would have been a cool thing, but just does not work, in any direction.

2520 tanks "only" need 1.25l, not 1.5l. Jobo make a 2L bottle, and other makes of shrink bottles that hold more then 1L are out there and plenty cheap.

If you like your dev process, there is no need to change it, just mix 1.25L of dev and do you think as you would have with any other tank. The Jobo 2509n has no risk of sheets being scratched, or become dislodged or anything else for that matter.

Then stop/fix with tiny amounts of chemistry (300-500ml) while rotating, or use 1.25L for inversion.

The Jobo 2500 tank system for sheet film processinf is a time and result proven system that works for many folks around the globe, most of whom do not have a Jobo processor.
*facepalm* as I said.... My bottles are 1LITER BOTTLES I use to measure, I don't use a graduate so the 1L bottle is the only measure I have besides a tiny measure cup in 10ml increments and it only goes to 50ml lol, ok thanks I'm done repeating myself.

so an effort to show you the Jell-O hand processing tank that I was thinking about, I went to Google it, and discovered all along that the product that I had even though the lab at the time told me it was a JOBO was actually an Omega style universal tank... #stonefail ....

At the time, I was completely new to developing, and obviously the representative used the word JOBO as a general term for processing tanks... I never checked into it, and obviously throughout the box way before I found APUG so it never occurred to me to doublecheck my knowledge on that, so for that I apologize I feel like a doofus :/

This is what I had at first, it leaked and sucked and I replaced it with a Paterson...