Hi all, resurrecting one of the threads I started, hope nobody minds. I got my fall photos from the 35mm Velvia back on Friday, and tossed 'em in the projector this evening. I have to say from looking at the scans, Velvia 50 shot at EI 50 is probably a bit much for my lab's scanner as the blacks tended to gray rather than black. However, when projected, these looked great. I also ended up shooting Portra 400 instead of Ektar 100 in the 620 camera, and those looked pretty good too.

I have to say for fall foliage in an E6 film, both Velvia 50 (from this year) and Provia 100F (from last year) work very well. For Color Negative, I've only done the fall foliage with the Portra 400 because I needed the extra speed for some of the cloudy days we had, but next year will probably go with Ektar (I've shot Ektar before and like it, just hadn't shot it on fall foliage) for the color negative shots.