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I am sorry to say, but you are wrong.
Yes, you are of course correct.

I was thinking more along the lines of either first- or second-tier manufacturers with a global presence, not necessarily smaller, regional third-tier players. From the Big Four, three have crashed and burned. And the fourth is getting perilously close, at least for film. And of course at another level there is/was Efke, who was a bit of a different animal.

The biggest, EK, is now in the process of reconstituting in the form of Alaris. Agfa morphed into AgfaPhoto, which itself crashed. But Adox is slowly reconstituting parts of that product line as market conditions allow. Harman/Ilford is, of course, the gold standard of the reconstitution process itself. And Fujifilm is lurching toward an uncertain film future that is typically inscrutable. They could crash tomorrow, or ten years from tomorrow, and I wouldn't be surprised either way. And wouldn't know of it until the very day it happened.

So as of the moment, all four are still with us in some form, with three already reworked (or reworking) into formats with hopefully better chances of survival.

Besides those there is also Impossible Project (who seem to be doing just fine in spite of Fujifilm's mature instant offerings), and a possible sleeper in Ferrania, who is reportedly working on those newly reengineered E-6 possibilities everyone is talking about. If Fujifilm throws in the towel, Ferrania would have that niche market all to themselves. And if they can solve the problems of niche manufacturing (and I don't see why they would even be trying to reconstitute themselves if they didn't think they could), that market could be lucrative as a niche monopoly.

So really, in the recent past none of the bigger players has actually gone out of business for good. It's been painful. Excruciatingly painful in some cases. But they are still around and still trying to downsize in various ways.

And a few new efforts are also showing promise. The TIP films have improved dramatically in quality, I hear. Adox has just released a new film to good reviews. And has also reconstituted some legendary b&w papers as well, with more on the way. Harman has added several new products, including of all things large format pinhole cameras that are apparently selling well. Well enough that they expanded from 4x5 into 8x10. Who knew??

So I question this breathlessly panicked doomsday attitude that postulates we must all just shut up, never make any of our new/old product wishes known, and buy as much of whatever Kodak tells us to buy as we can because the film world is about to go extinct by tomorrow morning. Really?