No, not a snob. Yeah, I have pro film bodies. Except for the F3P, however, I've paid maybe $225 max for each of the current bodies. Most of them have been purchased with trade fodder thrown in. Even the F3P came out to about $64 when all was said and done. Lost a couple lenses, a flash, and my Nikon F in the deal, but that's ok. Have replaced all but the F on the cheap anyway. I typically cycle through them every couple weeks. At the moment, the F3 and the F4 are being used, with the F5 waiting its turn, and the F2AS being used with that body as a manual backup. I also shoot digitally. D200 that I got for ~$100 or so after trade of an extra F2AS and an FM2n. May add a Canon F-1 or F-1n (the mechanical version, not the "New F-1") and a 50/1.4 SSC just to mix things up a bit, and to make the "Nikon-only" fanboys and the "Canon-only" fanboys have a heart attack when they see both an F2AS and an F-1 hanging from my neck... That's how unsnobbish I am. I don't care what brand the gear is, as long as it gets the job done. Took some decent photos with an old Pentax H3v back in the '80s. Stuff that was surprisingly well-exposed for an 11 year old kid who didn't have a hand meter or even the "toad on the prism".

I've also considered getting another Powershot S70, since it's a little annoying to have to carry two camera bodies with a lens on each wherever I go. For a P&S digicam, the S70 worked quite well. So, I could leave the D200 at home and just carry one film body with a lens, then the S70.