I shot some color transparencies this past weekend for my stock files. The first time in almost a year!. When I went to my regular lab, I was told, "We no longer do E6." I was taken a back to say the least. I drove to another lab a few miles away only to find that they had gone out of business. A lab that I had used for over 15 years closed down several years earlier!

I finally found a place that, to my pleasant surprise, did E6, but did so the old fashioned way, dip and dunk! The results were about 1/4 of a stop over exposed but I committed a sin, I bracked (shame on me). But I got the results I needed.

That dreaded "D" word keeps spreading like the "Nothing" in The Never Ending Story. It is slowly eating away like a horrific cancer, or gangrene. What really scares me is that only a very few can afford the high expense of buying backs, computers, servers, printers, etc, runing up to $50 to $100K for high end equipment!

There are billions of dollars backing the "D" plaque, from computer, software, chip companies, and others who have invested billions in research alone. Some of that is going to lucrative buy outs and bribes of famous and influencial photographers who can sway the masses to make the conversion. My guess is they get their equipment for free, along with lucrative sponcerships to demonstrate and sell to the rest of us.

Still, my guess is only a very few can afford to make the conversion and this may be the big draw back. I certainly cannot affort $13K to $25K for a "D" back, let alone computers etc.