I've been looking for one of these at a reasonable price ever since I started shooting with a Retina S, about 15 years ago. I bought one at a show but the shutter died very soon afterwards–it had been slow and erratic when I picked it up and finally stopped working and I put it away. Its f1.9 Xenon kept pushing me to find another body, though, and today, in my local consignment shop, I found one sitting in a plastic bag among various late 70's slr's and bits of junk more for decoration than picture taking. It is in very nice condition, has the 2.8 Xenar, a working meter and just the bottom of the leather case. The shutter snaps clean and, to my ear, pretty close to accurate all the way to 1 sec. Inside was a half-finished roll of Kodachrome 64 and I paid the princely sum of $32.94 for the whole shebang.

Now out to try it, original lens and the 1.9.