There are some deals we have absolutely no regrets: they were good deals.

There are others we realize later on they were bad: the purchase of a Ricoh KRx30. The reason was that they most of the time get old rather badly. Also, Ricoh parts of the film era are quite hard to find. Finally, there ain't that many technicians still willing to fix Ricoh cameras.

But there are some other deals that we still wonder about. For instance, someone had for sale an Olympus Stylus Epic. I managed to meet the seller, so I could take a look at the camera. At first look, it was in good shape. Then, I tried to verify the functionning of the camera. The little LCD screen showed the battery was low. We then went to a pharmacy to buy a fresh one. Before buying one, I asked to check out the battery inside the cam. The test showed it was still good. The seller was not willing to buy a fresh one, although I said I would afford the purchase of the battery in the case the test was OK.

That's how I decided not to go along with this purchase.

What about you, guys?