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Sure you do, if you want film pictures! About 6 months ago my sister-in-law got married. They hired a professional photographer, who brought a DSLR with one of those long lenses that screams "pro photographer." There were several others there shooting pictures with DSLRs and even digital P&S. I was the only one shooting film. Because I was shooting film, I decided to also shoot B&W, since everyone else was shooting color. I loaded up a roll of Tri-X, and her wedding present from me was 37 B&W pictures of her wedding and reception, negatives, and a lab scan of the negatives on CD. She really liked that these were B&W and so different from what everyone else was doing.

Ilford has a line of disposable cameras loaded with HP5+ and XP2 Super. You can get them from B&H for about a ten-spot.
Good job. Because when she's long dead and her grandchildren are going through her drawers to clean out the estate and sell the property, your pictures will be there. All the others will be gone long ago.